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  • How to improve search results?
    There are some difference between these two keyword “Assassins” and “Assassin’s” in result.
    Is there any plugin or codes to improve search results? My website search is based on Post Title. Sometimes visitors didn’t got what they want. Content is available but due to some different keywords they couldn’t fine their content.
    Help Me

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  • Don’t you assign keywords?

    Assassins and assassin’s are not the same so it makes sense the results would be different?

    Assign Keywords??? means?
    How to assign? Please tell me in details.

    You are the one who mentioned keywords — what were you referring to? And yes, generally, the web author does code keywords into the page. But these days, Google does not use keywords as much as content and links — at least that’s what the going chit-chat says. See this about SEO.

    But your post was talking about searching on your site by users? Which are you talking about?

    No no Sir.
    Here Keywords mean “Search Query” which visitor type in search box on my website.

    What plug-in are you using for search? This one gets good ratings — never used it personally, but you could try it.

    Now when i am trying to search “Assassin’s” word. It gives me no result. Why?

    what context are you using that word in?

    When i search “Assassin’s” word it doesn’t show anything. When i used “Assassins” word then its showing some post. There are 5 or 6 post which contain “Assassin’s” and “Assassins” as post title.
    Sorry I am not too good in English.
    i hope you understand what i wanna say.

    Kind of, but I don’t have an answer for you. Look at the documentation for that plug-in and do some research re: WP search queries. That subject is beyond this forum.

    OK Sir.
    And Thanks for your replies.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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