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  • Nice structure to the site. Here are things you might want to think about changing.

    1. I personally think you need to change the photo on the homepage. It just seems a little weird because it looks like two of the doctors are forcefully smiling (not genuine).

    2. The logo area of the theme needs something bigger. Right now it is a small text “Medical Clinic”. I would make the logo a large graphic image if possible.

    3. Your featured area, the “WE DO, HOW TO, PROVIDING” still has the default text from the theme author. You need to change it to your text and links.

    4. The Surgeon page should include information about each surgeon. I would say where they graduated from and how long they have been in the medical field and/or how long they have done hair transplantation work.

    5. Your Gallery page has no images.

    6. For you Testimonials Page you might want to see if you can embed the video’s on your site instead of just having links to the video’s.

    7. I would get rid of the Blogroll and Meta sections. They serve no real purpose right now on your site.

    8. How can a person viewing the site get a hold of your company if they have questions or want to schedule an appointment? I would have a Contact page with your location and their phone number and address for each one. Also, list their hours of operation if ALWAYS helpful.

    9. You might want to add a copyright notice to the bottom of your site, something like “Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.”

    You have started off with a good theme. Now it just needs some finishing touches to make it perfect. I like the theme and color selection. Good luck!!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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