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  • I’m attempting to port my blog over to hosted at Bluehost, but I’m getting stuck on the import step. So far here’s what I’ve done:

    * Transfer hosting from to Bluehost
    * Remapped paid domain from to Bluehost
    * Export my blog using Tools -> Export
    * Install WordPress 3.2.1 inside Bluehost

    Now the instructions ( say to then import my blog using Tools -> Import -> WordPress, but I don’t see anything like this inside Bluehost. Help!

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  • I swear, sometimes the mere act of posting to a support forum causes me to figure out the solution to my own question. Here it is, for those of you who are similarly confused:

    * Go to the directory on your new website where you installed wordpress ( – on Bluehost I think the default install directory is “/blog”
    * There will be a link somewhere on that page that says “Log In”
    * Click that link and log in to be taken to the dashboard, which looks a lot like your old dashboard
    * Go to Tools->Import->WordPress and continue the instructions for importing that I posted in my original question.

    This is the exact same thing that I did and I’ve been trying all evening to figure it out. I have changed the name servers to bluehost correctly and when I first signed up to bluehost i followed the steps but I think where I went wrong is when adding my website, I didn’t put anything in the box following my url. I cannot figure out where to log in to my new blog ( all the support forums are telling me and I really have no clue what has gone wrong? Install directory /blog as OHWeb just gets me a 404. Any help is really really appreciated.

    @dannyking The link to your dashboard is

    I visited it and it gave me the login screen. I would try logging in there to follow OHWeb’s instructions.

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I have tried what you said but all I get is this message.

    You attempted to login with the email or username ‘admin’ on If you were trying to access your self hosted blog, try If you can’t remember your email or username, you can reset your password by providing your email address. If you have any questions please contact support.

    On bluehost and on my original wordpress host it tells me my name server is bluehost but I did a whois and it still says wordpress name servers. Is it maybe just a matter of waiting? I understand it can take quiet a while but was advised it should be no more than an hour or two realistically.
    Thanks again,

    You may need to clear your cookies and cache. Also it depends on when you changed your name servers. Name server changes can take 24-48 hours to take affect. The 24-48 hour period is caused by the fact that Internet Providers cache name servers to load websites faster. 24-48 hours is the generally accepted time that Internet Providers have between clearing that cache and checking to see if those name servers are the same. So that being said you will be able to see the name servers as set differently, but your Internet Provider can have the old name servers cached.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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