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  • Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    This may or may not be possible depending on the plugin you are using to add the fields to the user’s profile. Which plugin are you using?

    Thanks for the reply

    and I think it is possible but it needs to be customized in the csv file , as it is working fine with the text fields

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    Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    Try exporting the users with the export feature of the WP CRM plugin and look at how the data is organised in these column.

    🙁 🙁

    it was messed up

    Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    Yes, it’s very messed up. 🙁

    Looking at it though, I think to add the checkboxes, you need to add ‘on’ as value in the corresponding columns in the CSV.

    Do you know how to view the database content in your hosting control panel? (via PHPMyAdmin or something like that)

    Thanks for your reply

    Yes I know how to access the PHPMyAdmin

    Please tell me how can i add the “on”

    Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    By example, if the country column was a checkbox, instead of putting “Egypt” (or something else) in that column, put “on” for each users for whom the box should be checked and leave empty for other users.

    that means i have to create a new column for every country??then i put the word “on” same row of the user and under the row of the name of required country ??

    did i understand it properly??

    Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    Can you export the usermeta table from the database via PHPMyAdmin and show it to me?

    Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    I didn’t get any further reply from you. Can I consider this solved?

    Thanks for for your reply

    I know that it should use( _option_ ) between the slug and the entry

    so if i want to select Egypt from the country , the column name should be (country_option_Egypt) and use the “on” option for the users in Egypt

    Thanks alot

    Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    Great. I’m glad you found the solution. 🙂

    Hey Ulrich,

    I’m using your awesome Plugin with WP-Members

    Everything works fine. Except I created to select /dropdown fields to add information to the user: sprache and ausbildung. When I import the csv file, the value is entered into the field, but on the backend in WordPress nothing is selected in the dropdown menü. It just says: Bitte Wählen Sie (Please choose).

    This is in the table of wp_options column wpmembers_fields
    a:8:{i:0;i:24;i:1;s:7:”Sprache”;i:2;s:7:”sprache”;i:3;s:6:”select”;i:4;s:1:”y”;i:5;s:1:”n”;i:6;s:1:”n”;i:7;a:3:{i:0;s:30:”<—- Bitte wählen Sie —->|”;i:1;s:8:” Deutsch”;i:2;s:8:”Englisch”;

    in wp-usermeta table I find the following in the columns meta_key and meta_value:
    meta_key: ausbildung meta_value: Experte
    meta_key: sprache meta_value: Deutsch

    Anything else I have to put into the CSV-file to show up the actual selected option in the dropdown menü?

    BTW, when I select another language (sprache) or education (ausbildung) then the entrie are gone in meta_value and the field is empty.

    Also, normal textfields I added via the wp-members plugin are showing up and everything works fine.

    Otherwise great job!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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