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    Hello. We have a woocommerce store with about 2,000 of our own products. We want to add products from another supplier without messing up our listings! They have shared their ftp folder which contains their product info and images. Our original plan was simply to import the products but their prices update daily. So is there a way to link up our woocommerce via ftp to make sure the prices are correct?

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    Hi! Thanks for your question.

    Will you be also syncronising stock with the other supplier, or just the details of the products? And do they also have their own WooCommerce store, so you’re essentially sharing the product information?

    If you were wanting to do this manually, you could consider a daily csv import to keep product information syncronised. Price & Stock Import plugin would make this slightly easier.

    To avoid it being a manual task, there are a number of plugins out there that help syncronise product information between stores. We have an extension in the marketplace, Megaventory Inventory Management, which has various features to help you manage products from different suppliers. If your supplier also signed up for Megaventory, you could for instance keep product information syncronised using it.

    You could also consider hosting the product information in WooCommerce Square. Your supplier and yourselves would need to set Square as the system of record to enable syncing.

    I found an interesting list of potential third party plugin solutions and themes here, that you might find interesting too. (External link).

    One possibility you may not have considered would be to use Product Vendors to allow your supplier to manage their own product listings on your store themselves. With this business model, you’d pay them commission from sales made and they’d manage the products themselves. I’m not sure if this would work for your supplier relationship, but I thought it was worth mentioning!

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    Hi Victoria

    Thank you for your response. We won’t be syncing the other supplier’s stock levels just their product details, photos and prices. Thank you for all the links. I will check everything out. The supplier is well established in the industry and we are brand new. They do not use WooCommerce but they update the product details in a folder accessible by ftp. I appreciate you taking the time to help me 🙂

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    You’re welcome!

    If they’re not using WooCommerce I’d expect you will need to import changes manually, so it does change things a little unless they’re using a compatible inventory management system.

    I’d recommend converting the product information in their ftp folder into a csv that WooCommerce can understand, if you can. What format is it in?

    You can find a sample products csv here which is correctly formatted to be understood by WooCommerce.

    If the products are complex, you may find that the premium extension Product CSV Import Suite may be helpful. There are sample csvs for that too if you decide to use it.

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