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  • How can I import my old Livejournal entries AND all the comments into WordPress? I’ll give a shiny quarter to anybody who can tell me how!

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  • I don’t know how you can import them, as I am still new, but you can export the LJ entries here:
    I do not know if it does the comments. It probably does not.

    It does not import comments. LJ doesn’t have a feed for the comments yet so there is no way you can import comments as well.

    Just done it.
    Simply follow the instructions at

    OK something wierd is happening with this importer…

    I downloaded the livejournal-import.php from

    and placed it in the import folder that is INSIDE the wp-admin folder.

    When I then go to wp-admin and go to the import tab the style of the page alters.
    I get a thinner central column… wierd…

    When I change the first line to
    <?php define(‘XMLFILE’, ‘lj.xml’);
    // Example etc

    thereby putting the right file name in I get an error if i try to import.

    If I remove the <?php so that it reads
    define(‘XMLFILE’, ‘lj.xml’);
    // Example

    not only do I get an error but I get a spew of the php file in the ‘import’ page of the dashboard.

    I’m assuming that my neglible knowledge of php means I’mmaking a syntax error here but can someone point that out for me? Many thanks….

    OK managed to fix this…something to do with running WordPress 2 perhaps?

    I checked through the import-livejournal.php and found the reference to the wp-config file and noticed it was never going to hit the right file from inside wp-admin/import.

    So moved the import-livejournal.php and the lj.xml into the wp-admin folder, then accessed them through the browser (in my case through going to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/import-livejournal.php) and the script ran fine…

    So the problem was that they’re not quite fitted into the ‘import’ panel in WP2 dashboard as of yet.

    Maybe this will help some other WP newbie like me which is why I’m wasting this space here 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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