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  • My husband is going to switch over to wordpress from GoDaddy’s Quick BlogCast. Can someone tell me how to import over from there?

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  • Does the Quick BlogCast thingy have some kind of export?

    when you export from blogcast it puts it into a notepad or moveable type file. i am having the same difficulty. in fact the comments show up and the catagories show up. if you click edit posts the files are there, however unable to access them or post them to your website. help please!

    You can also see this help article on how to export QuickBlogcast to WordPress:

    weblogian…i read your article, what if you have already imported into wordpress without making comments, do you know have to retireve the posts then? in my wp dashboard i can see that the posts are there i just can’t access them.

    weblogian’s link does not work.

    GDHosting’s advice wont work if you have more than 100 post. I tried to follow the instructions from you link but the Quick Blogcast rss feed limits you to 100 post, I have a little over 650.

    Any other ideas?



    I think I found a solution to this for more than 100 posts!

    Log into your GoDaddy account, go to Quick Blogcast, Manage Account. Select “Export Entries” from the “Manage Blog” menu. Select which things you’d like to export (entries, categories, comments, trackbacks) and hit “Export.” Note: for mine I only chose entries, so I can’t vouch for the success of exporting anything else. This will produce a plain text file.

    Then log into WordPress (I’m using 2.9), go to Tools > Import, and select “Movable Type and TypePad”. Upload the text file you got from the GoDaddy export. It may prompt you to either create a new WordPress user for the imported posts or attribute them to an existing user, your choice. It should report along the way the success or failure of importing each piece of info. It worked smoothly for me with 400-some posts.

    Now, the weird part. I found when I clicked “Posts” it reported that there were my 400-some posts there, however, I couldn’t view any of them! I checked my database and determined that the reason is that all of the imported posts had a status of “published”, not “publish”! I used this piece of MySQL on my database to correct this:
    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_status = REPLACE (post_status, 'published', 'publish');
    All of the posts then showed up in the Dashboard! Hope this works for others.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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