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  • I have a big (14MB) wordpress export/import file to be imported to my current blog, but the wordpress import function only allows 2MB maximum(for the import file), can I change it? If yes, how? Else, how to import big import file?

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  • Last time I checked, that 2meg bit was just a number hardcoded within the files and had no baring on the actual file size.

    I’d just modify php.ini and allow a large upload.

    Be sure to delete your spam first before exporting out the *.xml file. That maybe while your file is so large.

    I was trying to keep two wp blogs as mirrors but just found out that the wp import on the two free blogs is importing DUPLICATE COMMENTS. there appears to be a ticket on it, but I cannot change anything on the free blog sites

    does anyone have a program or code to delete all comments from an export file, BEFORE I import it?

    please help, desparate for a mirroring solution for WP to free blog solution… I have searched for weeks now, and there is nothing I can find out there, not even code that I can modify.

    what we need is a, export by date option, or export by last X number of days, and an export comments yes or no until the other bug is fixed…

    need this so bad

    \o/ HELP!

    You could modify the importer script to skip all comments.

    Or use an RSS importer (it won’t do comments)

    If they are identical mirrors, just dump the db and import that on your mirrors on a regular basis.

    Thank you for replying. No I can not do those things because the mirrors are free blogs on sites where I have no access to change a script or upload a db.
    I am looking at modifying the export program, but I am not familiar with mysql coding. yet.

    So, anybody tried drmike’s suggestion? Does it work? Doesn’t appear to be working for me.

    Editing your php.ini file to allow a larger maximum_file_upload or max_file_upload (can’t remember exactly) will just tell your server to allow a larger file upload. It does work for sure.

    I was even thinking that if someone could hack the export to allow “date selection” for export would also allow users to limit the size of the export file.

    Becomes a bigger issue (and file size) each and every day that we blog 😉


    the easiet way is to contact your host and ask them to increase the limit. that was what i did and it worked. the only trouble i’m having now is that the import function is not importing all my posts!!

    I’m new here- so, I can’t really understand by what you guys mean when you say that we can “edit the php.ini” file. How do we do that? Thanks a lot for your help.

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    You can rather easily split an export file into multiple files and then import them all individually. Open the export file in a text editor that can handle large files (TextPad works well). How to split the file should be obvious, but if it’s not, you just copy and paste the individual item sections into new files, keeping the surrounding rss stuff.

    great! Thanks 🙂 It works.

    Where do I find the php.ini file?

    I hope I can load an export file size larger than 2-3mb as the Mizpah Magazine is approaching that now!

    thank god for you otto 🙂

    I have tried to split my export file into multiple files, the first file runs fine then the second one just gives me the blank page, which is what I got when trying to import my full file. The second file is the same size as the first and is wrapped by the channel data and then /channel /rss at the end. Even if I make the second file only 1 item I still can only use the import once before it seems to not work. Any thoughts?

    Hm…”channel” sounds good. But is there a rss and /rss in each of them. I think these are very important too.

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