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  • I have an existing site, with 10,000+ product images.
    They’re organized into folders, with the following structure:

      • TYPE_A
        • PRODUCT_A01
          • PRODUCT_A01-001.jpg
          • PRODUCT_A01-002.jpg
          • PRODUCT_A01-003.jpg
          • PRODUCT_A01-054.jpg
        • PRODUCT_A02
          • PRODUCT_A02-001.jpg
          • PRODUCT_A02-002.jpg
          • PRODUCT_A02-003.jpg
          • PRODUCT_A02-017.jpg
        • PRODUCT_A99
          • etc
      • TYPE B
        • PRODUCT_B01
          • PRODUCT_B01-001.jpg
          • PRODUCT_B01-002.jpg
          • PRODUCT_B01-003.jpg
          • PRODUCT_B01-022.jpg
        • etc

    Is there a plugin / add-on / magic spell / whatever, by which I can import these into WordPress ALL AT ONCE, without having to manually upload & re-organize 10,000+ items?

    I tried “Add From Server” but it didn’t work. It processed a ton of files, but they don’t show up in Media Library. At all. But if I go into the plugin options, I can browse their folders as if they’re there. So it basically just copied the files & then forgot to mention it to WordPress Media Library. Great, I could have done that with FileZilla myself.

    I tried “Media Library Folder” but that only lets me make folders; it doesn’t do anything as far as mass-importing images.

    I know there has GOT to be a plugin out there, or a way to do this through MySQL or something. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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