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    (At first: I hope you understand my entry – I am not a native-speaker)

    I am using a WordPress 2.2-based blog (let’s call it mainblog) and now I want to setup a second blog (2ndblog).

    All entries which are posted in the 2ndblog should also be published in the mainblog. There they should be categorized in a new category called 2ndblog.

    It would be nice if in the mainblog you only see the title of the blog postings and some excerpt of the entries and a link to the individual entry on 2ndblog where you can read the whole entry.

    I’ve thought about using RSS feeds but I don’t know how to realize it, that the blog postings from the 2ndblog will be published in the mainblog as normal postings (there are some solutions to show RSS feeds in the sidebar and so on, but I want the entrys to be in the loop).

    I’ve received the suggestion to use emails in the way of
    To: mainblog
    Cc: 2ndblog

    This sounds good, but there are two problems as I see them:
    1.) You cannot use an excerpt and a link to the 2ndblog in the mainblog with the same mail.
    2.) And unfortunately I am not blogging in English so I have to use some special characters (the German umlauts).
    When you are mailing blog entrys which have umlauts included you can have some really strange things in your content (like charset definitions in plain text and so on).

    Does anyone here knows a way how to implement it in my described way or does a plugin for this needed function exist?



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