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How to implement custom authentication in WordPress based on SQL Server user dat (2 posts)

  1. ussailing
    Posted 2 years ago #

    We have an asp.net site (C#, IIS7) with a SQL Server back end, and we use standard asp.net login controls to authenticate users of the site. We’re building a WordPress site for our content pages, and need to limit access to some of these WP pages based on various criteria in our SQL Server database. Ideally, someone visiting a protected WP page would be directed to the asp.net login page and after logging in, would be authorized access to the WP page based on some custom criteria like their membership is current, or they are an active member of a certain committee (info you get by querying the database). We’ll need to be able to limit access to various WP pages based on a wide range of criteria, basically anything about our users, so it would be nice to just have to write a new stored procedure for each new set of criteria and somehow reference that when checking for authorization. Both the asp.net pages and WordPress pages are within the same domain.

    Any suggestions on the best way to implement this?

  2. Kristof Bernaert
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi there

    Quite complicated question to give you an resolving answer on this, but that's how I would try to get resolved this ...

    ## part 1
    You can use the Buddypress plugin, which give you a lot of possibilities to show/hide data based on the user login.

    ## part 2
    You'll need anyway some synchro between the users in DB SQL and the DB mysql.
    I was thinking on creating a custom plugin (that add some extra functions to BuddyPress ) where you read the user data from DB SQL via an eg. XML push file and do some linking stuff. But an XML-file would not be a good solution when you're dealing with:
    1/ a lot of users
    2/ frequent access updates

    Then you'll need some straight DB connections.

    Hope this helped you further getting a solution here.

    Good luck!

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