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  • Hi guys,

    just gave it some more tests. I think right now the plugin does not handle parameters correctly. It should just generally ignore all parameters. Right now it treats all parameters as part of the url – which is nonsense. :-O

    When disabling the plugin I can call “” with no problem. The 404 redirect should only get active if the url itself (WITHOUT the parameter) has no match.

    Is there are fix for this?

    I would be really thankfull for a tip. 🙂

    Kind regards

    I found a fix for this. Make this change in frontend.php around line 57:

    function wbz404_process404() {
    	$options = wbz404_getOptions();
    	$urlRequest = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
    	$urlParts = parse_url($urlRequest);
    	$requestedURL = $urlParts['path'];
    	$requestedURL .= wbz404_SortQuery($urlParts);
    //------- CHANGE to allow ? paramaters
    if (count($_GET) == 0){
    //Get URL data if it's already in our database
    	$redirect = wbz404_loadRedirectData($requestedURL);

    there is a better fix:

    Open the ‘functions.php’ in /wp-content/plugins/404-redirected/includes and do following change:
    in function wbz404_SortQuery(...) (Line 465) replace all preg_split with explode
    This is what the code should look like:

    	$queryParts = explode("&", $urlQuery);
    	foreach ($queryParts as $query) {
    		if (strpos($query, "=") === false) {
    		} else {
    				$stringParts = explode("=", $query);

    Your code is not making any difference for me, neXorianus. I fail to understand how replacing preg_split with explode will make this plugin ignore parameters. Would you care to elaborate?

    I have the following URL:

    What I need is to ignore everything after the ?, because the URL redirects just fine.

    Hi guys,

    are there any news on this one?

    I just re-stumbled about this problem again.

    I think in general everything behind the “?” in the url “” should be ignored.

    Any ideas?

    The fix I posted before works fine and any URL with a /? does not get redirected.

    Gyn3r the function returned empty.
    so I started debugging it, and I noticed, that the first preg_split always returns empty.

    So I replaced it (and the other preg_split) with the (lighter) explode. This fixed the problem (for me)

    yogabasics, your solution works, until a Parameter produces a 404 page. Those 404 Pages wont be tracked and wont be redirected (as you said).
    An Example: An Event plugin that refers to the Months with parameter. ?month=13 would result into an 404 page because there is no 13th month. so the Plugin cannot redirect it to any page.


    If you have problems with Permalinks and url parameters, try disabling the Option “Force current permalinks” under “404 Redirected -> Options”

    This solved pagination problems with “the Eventmanager” plugin for me.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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