How To Identify Changes To TwentyEleven Theme In Latest Update (3 posts)

  1. poddys
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I want to update from 3.3.2 to 3.4.1 but the TwentyEleven theme has changed and I don't want to break anything, since I use a child theme that is based on it.

    What is the best way to compare the old/new versions of the theme to see what has changed and to test it.

    I thought of manually downloading the new version of WordPress and to compare the files in the theme (using WinMerge or similar to show the file differences.

    I could also copy the existing TwentyEleven theme and link my child to it, then point my child theme to the new version having upgraded to see if everything works.

    Is there a better recommended process that I could follow?

  2. PatJ
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Most people run a development copy of their site on their local pc and upgrade that first and test everything before upgrading the live site.
    I use WordPress solely for hobby sites but I use a WAMP server (Easyphp) on my XP machine and have half a dozen sites running with it for development, testing, backups and also my local unpublished blog diary documenting our projects.

  3. poddys
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Sounds like a good idea, about time I installed an offline version of WordPress.

    Last thing you want to do is to upset a live site.

    I am pretty confident when I get WordPress updates, but theme updates, well that could upset anything.

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