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  • Hi Guys,

    How do I create a shortcode which I can use to integrate with current plugin which would allow users to send emails between each other through proxy (not displaying actual email address for privacy etc)?

    Also, would like front end icon.

    Is this possible?

    Plus the ’email-test system does not appear to be working?



    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    It isn’t possible to do what you would like to do. There are no shortcodes to enable frontend integration. All interaction with Email Users is through the Dashboard, even for non-admin users.

    If the “test” isn’t working then that is a separate problem and should be sorted out first. If you’re not receiving the test message it is most likely that the email is being classified as spam or something else is interfering with the plugin.

    Do you get other email messages from your WordPress site? The Email Users plugin is built on top of the wp_mail() WordPress API function so every message is passed through the same email mechanism which WordPress itself uses.


    Thanks so much for your reply.

    Does the plugin allow users to email each other and if so how do I do this?

    Kind regards,


    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Yes, this is possible. The end user would use the capability on the Dashboard to “Send to User” or “Send to Group” just like an admin would. The visibility of other users can be controlled by the admin. By default users cannot send to other groups, only other users.


    OK, thanks for that, but my dashboard is hidden through my plugin.

    I would like the email system to be a part of the plugin so that when users click on a product, they can scroll down and see a form where they input name, email etc, which sends email to user, with their message about that product.

    When the user sees the email in their inbox it would say ‘Mike via Adsler’, for example. They could then respond to that through their actual email or by logging into the message area on the site.

    If they responded via their own email, the sendees address would be masked to something like ‘4664665&¬£¬£adslermaild3342245,’ for example, so as they can’t see the users actual email.

    Likewise, if they responded through the site it would just have a message from ‘Mike’ with a reply option and corresponding box ‘text area’ ‘send’ still not revealing the other users email address, or senders actual email address.

    My plugin has a dashboard which is separate to admin dashboard. This is because the user has their own dashboard and so not necessary to access admin dashboard. This is good.

    So, to sum up, an option to email a user about their product, without going through admin dashboard and displayed as part of the exisiting plugin.

    That’s the first issue. The second issue is an icon. Which you said doesn’t exist. OK, so the third issue is that I can’t see an option to change default email address. At the moment it’s trying to send from what it thinks is the default admin email, when this isn’t the actual default admin email as I changed it in wordpress.

    How can I change the default admin email in the plugin too?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Lots of questions … I’ll start with your last question since it is the easiest to answer.

    Email Users will, by default, use the email address for the user currently logged in an using one of the “Send” options (Send to User, Send to Group, Notify, etc.). So if you’re logged in as user “wpsiteadmin” and that WordPress user account has the email address “” associated with it, that is what the “From” address will be set to. You can override this but I don’t think that would help you here as the override is a site wide setting and really only useful for sites where an admin or similar user sends email to all of the other users.

    There is a “debug” setting on the plugin settings page (Dashboard > Settings > Email Users) which when enabled, will display the email headers Email Users constructs instead of actually sending the email. One some hosts, it doesn’t matter what email address is set in the “From” or “Reply To” header, the server will change it after WordPress hands it off to the underlying server’s MTA. If that is happening on your site, there is nothing WordPress nor the Email Users plugin can do to fix it. In that case, you’d likely need an SMTP plugin which uses something like Gmail to send email through.

    The email masking you describe is similar to what Craig’s List does. For the email to be set up such that the user can respond in their email, some sort of email relay needs to be set up to translate the email address the user replies to into something which then gets passed on to the real user. That is way out of scope of a WordPress plugin.

    An alternative would be to build an Inbox system right into WordPress where the user can reply to messages. Because it is all in WordPress, WordPress manages to mapping of the reply to a specific user to an email to that users which basically tells the user to go login the web site to see the message. Similar to what Physicians do to account for HIPA laws. The users gets an email letting them know they have a message. To read the message requires the user to login into a web site. Again, this is a significant effort to build an way beyond the scope of Email Users.

    Have you looked into BuddyPress? I think it does some of what you’re asking to do.

    As for the rest of the things you’d like to do, it is also well beyond the scope of the plugin. You could probably author an adjacent plugin which builds on what Email Users does and adds the front end / custom dashboard capabilities you’re looking for. When you add the form processing and other capabilities which interact with a theme on the front end, it can and often does, create and endless set of questions and support issues. Why? Because every WordPress theme is different and many of them do all sorts of hacks and work-arounds or more frequently, employ some custom Javascript which plugins can’t possibly expect to account for.

    I am not trying to say that what you want to do is an unreasonable request. It makes sense. However, from a support perspective, I try to steer clear of doing things on the front end. I have another plugin which does support front end integration and 90% (or more) of the questions are usually related to the interaction between the plugin and the theme. There are a lot of poorly coded themes floating around and many people don’t understand why a plugin “just doesn’t work with my theme” when a plugin doesn’t behave as they expect.

    Thank you!

    WP 5 is new editor and cannot find to send this post things but I change to classic editor then I can use as I use before.

    I love love email users plugin!

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