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  • I would like to highlight the active submenu and its parent navigation tab. Example:

    Media(Parent)–> Download (Child)

    When I’m in Download page, I would like to highlight both Media and Download. May I know how to?

    Currently it doesn’t highlight any of these.


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  • What is the theme you are using?

    What is a url to the site where we can take a look?

    I’m currently set it to upgrading. Only subscribers can access.

    I’m using Flexsqueeze.

    Okay.. well, let us know when it’s up.

    It’s impossible to help without seeing what I’m working on.

    For a general answer… you will want to use Firebug to locate and identify the classes used for each of the elements you want to change.

    You will probably have four different classes associated with the navigation colors.

    And you will want to modify them using a child theme… or else any modifications you make will be lost when you update your theme.

    Ok Here’s for the subscriber login:

    user and pass: [ mod note: agreed, please don’t do that ]

    Not good in using child theme. Not a good programmer. 🙂

    NEVER EVER post your login credentials online.

    Go ahead and change those… and hope a moderator comes by and deletes your info in the post above 🙂

    Instead, use my contact form here:

    Include your login url, NEW username, and NEW password.

    That’s only for subscribers not for admin.

    I deleted and will send you another one. 🙂


    I know. It still invites trouble. Unless you never intend on using the domain for your main site.

    It’s 5:00am here, and I haven’t slept yet. So, I’m closing shop for a few hours. I’ll take a look at this first thing when I awake.

    Talk to you soon.

    Ok. Noted.

    Thanks mate! 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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