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  • I installed Crayon Syntax Highlighter (CSH), and created an additional language for Atmel AVR Assembly, as well a new .CSS file for coloring the inner words, elements, instruction set, etc. It is working very fine, I plan to sent it to the CSH for a future release along the new version.

    Not being an expert of Regex or other tools, how can I make CSH recognize and color labels in the AVR Assembly code?

    As an example, below, how can it recognize the word “reset:” and “start:” to color different from the rest of the code? I thought about the collon “:” symbol after the unknown label, but I need help.

    Thank you.

    .cseg                       ;
            .org    $000                ;
    reset:  rjmp    start               ;
            ;                           ; aqui vetores de interrupcao
    start:  ldi     temp, low(ramend)   ; setup do stack
            out     spl, temp           ; endere├žo low
            ldi     temp, high(ramend)  ;
            out     sph, temp           ; endere├žo high

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