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  • My website’s source code at the bottom has the W3TC information and a few of my server settings in it. I’m pretty sure I disabled this once, but can’t remember how. I don’t want any information to show here if possible, especially not for non-logged in users! Any ideas?

    !– Performance optimized by W3 Total Cache. Learn more:

    Minified using apc
    Page Caching using disk: enhanced (User is logged in)
    Database Caching using apc (User is logged in)
    Object Caching 665/665 objects using apc
    Content Delivery Network via
    Application Monitoring using New Relic (logged in role is rejected)

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  • It is served from the file:

    Look at line 661. I havent tried myself so I don’t know if you potentially will break it or not by removing the code.

    I am not sure why you would want to waste time removing this as it is in the code and not displayed to users unless they check the source code.

    I want to remove it because it never used to show but now it does. I don’t want my users knowing I am using X and Y to tune my site, the less is known about my setup the more secure it is.

    hey Keating, it’s actually always shown in the source code at the bottom. it doesn’t show anything bad, but if you remove it, you’ll have to remove it everytime there’s an update too.

    @keating sorry man I don’t know the answer of where to remove it, but if you run a search for the string ‘!– Performance optimized by W3 Total Cache.’ you will probably find your answer.

    However @ everyone else, I love how you all chime in to tell the person why they shouldn’t do what they want to do, without any real valueable reason as to why he shouldn’t but instead just give them the info they are asking for.

    @paulieb81 you are assuming that we all knew how to remove it. The best option was the answer that we all gave as removing it has little point and is the longest way around this.
    The only difference between our answers is that you said you didnt know how to do it. Everyone else proposed better solutions.
    Surely the valuable reason that you claim no one mentioned is that it is pointless, which we mentioned.
    I mean no offence, but your reply adds little. Surely we shouldnt just be telling people how to do what they want, we should be helping them find the best way to do what they want to do and explaining why they shouldnt do what they want to do.

    OK, I will chime in here since I am the OP. CouponCodePlugin – your reply was entirely useless, actually. I have my own reasons why I want it removed, I don’t need that to be questioned, it is completely futile. Replying telling me that you don’t know why I want to remove it, is more useless than someone replying telling me they don’t know how to remove it, for the record.

    Snurk had already told me how to remove it before you posted.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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