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  • I hope someone can help me out. I may be doing this incorrectly or overkill, please bear with me, first time to use wordpress.

    I installed wordpress on a Synology NAS on my home webserver.
    Unfortunaly, my ISP blocks port 80 so i had to use another port number.

    I also bought a domain from DYNDNS and used the webhop feature.
    In summary, the way i can access my wordpress outside home is:

    1) I type “”
    2) automatically redirects this to my dynamic IP address and adds the port number i defined. so it becomes (for example:)
    “” or effectively, this is also the same as “http”//”

    3)So all is ok. i am able to use,post,edit my wordpress from outside my home or when i am in the office.

    4)My only problem is, i do intend to make my WordPress public.How do i hide the port number “5000” on permalinks? Even on google, when i searched my website, i saw the result and the links posted contains the port number “5000” ..

    I tried fiddling on the Dashboard, General— to change and remove the port number but it crashes or i get page cannot be displayed when i view my wordpress.

    So it was hours of work lost already and i had to reinstall wordpress for the nth time while im trying to figure out how to do this. I can’t find any example in google. but i would appreciate if you can point me the right direction.. please.

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  • Hi,

    Did you able to resolve this? Here I am in this kind of situation and I am using NAS Drive DS713+ and i have dns setup through I have done the web-hop thing but still browser hung up with (which try to connect to port). Internet it works fine. But if i am restricted network that doesn’t allows website with port address. Is there anyway where my browser uses only but internally refers to with port?

    Let me know if i am able to made you understand.

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