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  • I am trying to hide the entire left menu but still have a role based admin based task done. For example I have a custom role (as define by User Role editor) who ONLY is to have access to edit a particular page. So i give that role appropriate edit and publish page capabilities. Then i go into adminimize an tick all the boxes to ‘deactivate’ all the menu items for that role – including all the pages menu and its submenu items. But ‘pages’ ‘all pages’ ‘add new’ still appear in the admin menu for users who have that assigned role.
    Why does this happen when I have told it that it needs to be deactivated, ie hidden from the logged in user. To me ‘hide’ means ‘hide’ and not ‘hide only if you don’t have permission to do it’!

    AND if the role happens to have other capabilities then other menu items show as well. These menu items may have no relevance to the task of the moment. I really need to constrain just what my ‘roles’ do at a task by task level and this cant be done if “out of context” menu items occur in the menu.

    If adminimize can’t ‘effectively hide the entire left menu’ does anyone know of a plugin that does. My searching and testing has been unsuccessful.

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