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    Disclaimer: a week ago i didn’t now how to add a link with hTML. so pleas forgive me if I’ve messed anything glaringly obvious.

    Store Page: http://


    I’m trying to build a website that has most the content on one “main” page and a 2nd page that works as store and checkout.

    So i changed the navigation bar links to “jump” to parts of the main page using href="#example" but now on the store page I won’t to build my own navbar and hide the main one.

    I know how to hide the navbar on all pages by using {display: none;} but wan i try to use the page id nothing happens ` {display: none;}

    I’ve also fallowed the instructions on this Post to no end.

    So just guessing hear. the problems something with the page id?
    the url of the store page in edit mode looks like this

    so I’m assuming that the page id is “418” right?

    PS I’m using a child theme of Spine

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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  • Michael


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    the body tag of the ‘store’ page looks like:

    <body class="wordpress ltr en_US child-theme y2013 m11 d21 h19 thursday logged-out custom-background custom-header singular singular-page singular-page-418 page-template-default layout-1c" itemscope itemtype="">

    the page specific CSS class is in your case .singular-page-418

    (use ‘view source’ on the browser tool bar to view the html code of the page; or use a browser inspection tool)

    Thanks for the quack replay!
    works perfectly now.

    I was using Firefox’s page inspect tool. but I probably should have dun a more thorough job. (or spent more time actually learning actual HTML etc…) Sorry.

    but you just ended 2 days of Headaches so thank you.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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