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  • In versions of WordPress, you could go into the editor and in comments.php, you could erase the words ‘Comments are closed.’ so that when you disable comments for a specific page or post, nothing would be there to make it appear that you have closed the comments for the post. With the new 3.1 update, there is a new message that says Comments Closed in a bigger font size. If I go under comments.php, I still see that where I removed ‘Comments are closed.’ is still gone, but I cannot find anywhere in the Editor where Comments Closed is at. Can anyone help me remove this? The reason I do this is because I made this site look more like a real website, as opposed to a blog, so this is very important to me. The site I’m referring to is at which uses WordPress. Go to the Bio, Discography or Links page and you can see what I’m talking about.

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  • Add this line to your theme’s style.css:

    p.nocomments, #respond h3 { display: none; }

    Where exactly do I put it in style.css?

    Put it at the very end and you may precede it with a comment:

    /* My changes */
    p.nocomments, #respond h3 { display: none; }

    I added what you posted at the very end but it’s still there.

    Could you send me the core .php file you’ve hacked? What theme do you use? Did you modify it too? Send me the info and files through my website’s contact form.

    Hi, in general, I use zend(what is your IDE?) search something like “Comments Closed” in all of files, you will find the function and then you can search the do_action in this function and remove it. It will works,

    Sorry, I reply again is just for subscribe this post.

    Well I didn’t hack the .php file. I’m using a theme I created with Artisteer 2 and I didn’t make any edits to any of the files, except for comments.php where I erased the text ‘Comments are closed.’

    Could you send me the original comments.php (before your modification)? If I have it I should be able to help.

    Ok just sent it.

    Ok. Copy original comments.php back to the theme. Leave css change in style.css. First part of css line (before comma) will take care of the part you’ve modified. Let me know when you are done with it and then I’ll connect to your website and have a look at page source.

    Ok I’ve done that. But now, I can’t get ‘Comments are closed.’ back, but I wrote it back in where it was, and I added the text you said above at the very end of style.css

    Good. That means, the first part of css addition ( before comma ) works. The second Comments Closed, the big one is also created by theme, but it is not in comments.php. I know for a fact that core does not create this message directly. Do you have any editor that you can search for this phrase in all theme files? I can do it with PSPad Editor. If you don’t, you can send me a complete theme folder (zipped) and I’ll find it. Of course if you trust me that I won’t use your theme for anything else.

    Well I went through every file of the theme and Comments Closed was no where to be found. How is it that the theme editor I have could have created this?

    All my themes ( I use 8 different themes ) generate both messages, but they have proper classes and ids and it is easy to disable them with css only. Which version of Artisteer you have? Mine is and I just created a new theme and both messages are there. One is in comments.php and second in legacy-comments.php.

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