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  • Hi!

    As per the rules, I quoted the source of the images I used on my blog. But it is showing among the title of all the posts. Please have a look into the front page (the index page) og the website:

    Please have a look at the first two images under the black navigation bar.

    I will appreciate your prompt help!

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  • Also, if you could take a look in the posts in the box under “RecentStories”
    You will find that each paragraph is starting with the image caption 🙁
    I will have to fix this error as well.

    Anybody around?
    I have been patiently waiting……Anybody please help!

    as this is a custom theme, have a look how the excerpts in these locations are generated; (if you haven’t made the theme yourself, try to contact the designer).

    if you have located the code, and don’t know what to edit, you can paste the full code into a and post the link to it here for someone to have a look at it.

    Thanks for your prompt reply!

    However, I could not understand which code you are talking about? Is it an error related to CSS?

    This website theme was developed from scratch. I’m a new learner and just experimented with this theme in order to learn WP.

    I will appreciate your help.


    This website theme was developed from scratch.

    who developed it and could you ask that person?

    Is it an error related to CSS?

    no – more likely in the code or in a fuction of your theme.

    the excerpts with the thumbnails have to get created using some code, which is possibly in the front page template of your theme (index.php ?);

    Thank you for tracking our question.
    The theme was developed by my wife. In fact, she tried a lot but could not figure out how to fix it.
    Here is the code of index.php

    Let me know if it you any hold of the issue.

    My mistake. Click Here is the link to Pastebin:

    the error seems to be coming from this function:

    <?php the_content_limit(40, ''); ?>

    might be in functions.php of your theme, or from a plugin (?)

    She tried on it but no luck. In fact, she uninstalled recent plugins but nothing is happening 🙁

    what is the code of this function the_content_limit() ?

    (please use the pastebin again)

    if it is not from a plugin, it is possibly to be found in functions.php of the theme.

    there is nothing anyone here can help you with until you locate and post the code.

    Sorry for not catching you up!

    Here is the link to what you asked for:

    Thanks very much!

    in the first few lines of the function, try to play with adding a line with strip_shortcodes()

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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