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  • Hello, I would like to have two blogs for two users on the same site. For instance, I want to create menu like this:

    About News Product Pricing Blog1 Blogs2

    So that Blog1 will be used by user one, and Blog2 will be used by Blog2. How to achieve the Blog1 and Blogs? I searched this forum and it says using categories, but it seems category doesn’t do exactly what I want.

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  • What exactly do you want to happen? Do you want to have two different sites or can it be one site? So you want one user to only have access to one section and not the other?

    Help us understand exactly what you would like and maybe why.

    Hi, I want to one site only, simpler. As for the access, two admin users can post on either Blog1 or Blog2; or it’s fine for one use to access one section only if it’s easier to do.

    In Settings->Reading->Frontpage, I can only set one page, like “blog”, as blog pages. If I want another page to be Blog Pages, so that I can have two blog sections to blog about different subjects.

    Couldn’t you accomplish something similar using categories and a front page that lists links to the two different categories. The category “blogs” are just specialized archive pages that just list posts under that specific category. No two different WordPress installs needed.

    Yes, that would partially work.

    But the problem with this approach is that your “blog” menu is outstanding and likely people will click “blog” to see your blogs. Once it’s clicked, they will see a mixture of blogs from various categories.

    Not if you don’t show all the posts at once and instead have everything filtered by the two main categories. What I mean is that you don’t even have a main “blog” page. You just have two menu items that point to the two categories. And a static home page. I just think this might be an easier solution then having two different WordPress installs on the same domain trying to communicate with each other.

    But I must set a page for Blog Pages; Otherwise, I will only get static pages, like a typical About Me home page. Right?

    Yes I hate to have another install. Can you be more specific for “just have two menu items that point to the two categories”?

    Yes. But you have a static page for your home page. Just put two links to the two different categories. If you want to you could create a custom template page for your home page with two different areas with the first 5 or 10 posts from the two main categories. You don’t set anything for the blog – it’s not needed. Then you create two menu items in your menu that point to the two specific categories that basically are the two “blogs”. Does that make sense?

    * sorry I should clarify the menu system – most themes support WordPress’ menu system which allows you to build custom menus. One ability is to add a category link to the menu. This is a link to a specific category inside your WordPress install. This is what I mean.

    I think so. I am not very familiar with how to use links and menus. I will explore that. Thanks.

    Do you mean a specific URL by “a link to a specific category”?

    In the Appearance section there is a subsection called Menu. Inside that there should be at least three different options to create a menu item: Pages (specific WordPress pages), Links (specific URLs – so external sites or any specific URL you want) and Category (categories inside your WordPress site). If you click the Category option it will open up and show you relevant categories found inside your WordPress site. Select the check-box to the specific category you want and click the “Add” button to add it to the menu. You can drag and drop the menu items in the right-hand screen to put them in the order you want. Once completed, click save to save your menu system.

    See for more details.

    This works perfectly for my desire. Thanks a lot!

    One more question. In this case, I guess most of my menu items would be categories, which implies most content in these categories would be blog like conversations, to achieve better user interaction. My only static page would be the home page About Me.

    My question is, would it make the site slower by having many ‘blog’ categories? I am just curious.

    Not unless you have hundreds of categories. This approach uses the standard WordPress query filtered by the category. WordPress’ standard query is actually quite efficient.

    I have this same setup following similar instructions I found elsewhere, but no comments or comment entering screen is showing up on the category pages for my posts. I have a static home page, but I didn’t set up a posts page. I have allowed comments in the main WordPress settings as well on each post. Do I need to set up a posts page under SETTINGS > READING in WordPress, and if so I am not sure what to do next? I guess there is something fundamental that I don’t understand.

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