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  • Hi there,
    I’m still fairly new to WP, but learning quickly. I’m sure that the issue I’m having is a very simple and obvious thing, but it’s eluding me completely this evening:

    I have categories created, and I’ve assigned posts to those categories. I have then created menu items that reference those categories. But nothing displays in the category when I go to that page. I would have thought that a basic, unstyled list of articles for that category would appear, but no?

    Here’s an example of a category page that *should* have content on it: Reason/Love (note, this is a development site so the link may be gone once the site is launched).

    This is the post that should be appearing on that page (preferably with just a brief excerpt and link to the full item, of course): New Mama.
    I also notice that the title of the one post I’ve assigned to various categories is appearing at the top. Not sure why that is.

    Thanks in advance.


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