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  • Hello

    I am trying to create a website that would have the following features. The aim is to facilitate learning Music lessons. I am trying to find out the best system to conceptualize/create this

    Is it

    1) WordPress

    2) Joomla

    3) Drupal

    4) PHP and MySql and HTML

    5) It would need good facebook integration. How to do that – it is best to use HTML5 or XFBML (facebook XML)

    There would also be a booking/paypal integration.

    Would be grateful for any answers. Thanks

    There would be multiple types of users – Students, Teachers, Schools, Club promoters, content editors, administrators with different set of rights

    There would be different kind of POSTS that can be created.

    A GENERIC post of text, video , audio by any user

    An EVENT post by a teacher, school, club promoter – with special info like time, date, venue, price and list students attending in its database, plus interface for Club Promoters to put in their offers in terms of drinks, food, etc discounts

    A LESSON post by a teacher – with special info like time, date, venue and list students attending in its database, and price

    Any POST can be linked to another by hyperlink, and can be used as a reply/comment to any other post

    Facebook integration:


    Users can login via facebook (or create separate login id) which is the standard these days

    Students will have the least functionality

    Teachers can create EVENT, LESSON, posts – so will have additional section of dashboard. They can copy paste a link of their existing event from Facebook to a form, and the website/PHP script/wordpress plugin should be able to take info out of the facebook (since teacher has logged in via facebook)

    Similarly if teachers create an event on the website, there should be automatically an event creation on facebook



    Student users would have the chance of seeing what lessons their friends are taking and booking them on the website, using paypal interface

    Teachers in their dashboard can see how many students have booked it, have looked at it and not booked it, and can change prices depending on passage of time (as the class gets nearer)

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