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  • I want to have multiple blogs using multiple installs. Though I have duplicates of the files in my root directory and changed the config files at the table prefix (wp_ to new_) I can’t seem to get a 2nd installation to work. When I go to wp-admin/install.php it tells me I already have wordpress installed.
    I’ve searched but can’t find an answer as to how to get past this. Removing the original install to a different directory temporarily doesn’t work either.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Can you describe where blog1 is and where you are trying to put blog2 ?
    We need more info about what exactly you have tried.

    Sure. Blog1 is in my Webserver folder for Mac OSX in MyComputer/Library/WebServer/Documents. Blog 2 is in MyComputer/Library/WebServer/Blog2.
    Each of these folders has all of the components that come with the install. I have modified the wp-config.php of both to point to the same database name, user and password and host (localhost) I read that this works great (
    My first install was breeze free and I have been running that blog for 2 months now. My wife would now like her own blog complete with her own style of template. Other than trying to install the 2nd time the same as the first by using the wp-admin/install.php and the above post this is all I have tried (due to ignorance more than lack of resourcefullness!).

    I have multiple blogs using the same database. I use Firefox on Windows XP. It could be a browser issue, or it could just be because you are on a Mac. Not sure, but, have you tried using a new MySQL database to see if it works then?

    I have the same problem as sheepish, same config (Mac OS X 10.3, using built-in apache webserver). I have successfully installed & used WP 1.2,but trying to add a second blog fails when running the install script. It isn’t a browser issue, I’ve tried in Camino and in Safari.
    Any other help? Sheepish, did you ever figure out the problem?
    Thank you!

    Well, I’m told by my father who runs wordpress that I need to install to a separate mysql database or create another one. I found some nice Aqua utitlities to do this (php Admin and cocoa mysql) but I need to install another version of mysql for them to run properly and installing overtop of my current version could prove problematic. So until I take the time to figure out just how to do that (and preserve my current database for my current blog) my dear wife might have to get my Dad to host. I want to figure out this stuff so I’m not willing to give in and let him host it just yet. If anyone knows the easy way to solve ANY of these problems let me know.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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