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  • I’ve asked this question in Themes and Templates, and got no replies, so I’ll try it again here (not sure which is the correct category) 🙂

    I’d like to set up a wordpress with more than one blog page within the site. I don’t need multiple blog sites per WordPress MU. This is for a small non-profit community center, and only needs one homepage (not sure yet whether it will be static or a blog), one “about” page, etc. but with anywhere from 5-30 individual blog pages, each with their own archive, tags, separate login so each blogger can only edit their own page. Preferably each with their own subdomain, but this isn’t critical.

    The icing on the cake would be if I could also integrate buddypress for both the bloggers and the readers (as well as a bbpress forum). BuddyPress on it’s own doesn’t do what I want in regards to individual blog pages either, btw.

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    Oops! My bad – I was unaware of the No Replies list – clearly a forum newbie here… Thankyou esmi – Sorry!

    In theory, what you want is achievable in WP by careful use of categories, a static home page and perhaps something like Role Scoper or one of the other restriction plugins to limit who can post what and to where.

    WP 3.0 (due out in May if I remember correctly) will have some of MU’s multi-site functionality. So you may find that even more suitable for your purposes.

    Thanks esmi – I’ll give Role Scoper a look-see. Doesn’t sound quite like what I’m looking for, but closer than nothing. I just want to have several blog pages in one site, not several inter-linked blog sites like WPMU would do. Role Scoper looks close, but more like a work-around than the clean solution I was hoping for. Still, it’s worth a shot!

    Hi CiderJack, I’m looking for exactly the same thing. Not found a perfect solution, but the closest I come is this:

    1. Install CompositePost plug-in, so you can redirect post from a certain category to a static page.

    2. Install Ultimate Category Excluder to remove those categories from your original blog page.

    I hope this helps, if you find a better solution, please post it here.

    Finally found some time for Role Scoper… it only seems to add more fine-grained control to permissions, rather than forcing each blogger’s posts onto their own page… or maybe I missed something in the complex settings?

    Will try Me2995’s suggestion next, and post back here how that works out.

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