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  • Hi,

    How would you do something like this?
    With the 4 different links like Freebies, Twitter, Facebook, Themeforest?

    I realize they are links, and probably have margins in the css file on the <_a> attribute. Do you just put the images in a page under wordpress and then add the css to the <_a> attribute for the child theme?

    I also noticed they had a special div on that page to hold the links. Is that needed, and if so how do you add a div to a page you create?

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  • if it’s a static page, couldnt you just insert images and give them links when you type up the page?

    As @posthawk mentioned, they’re just static images with links.

    When you edit your page, upload the image from within the Visual Editor and then simply insert them into your page with the relevant link.

    If you want to add padding or margin to them, you can click on the image once it’s inserted in your page, to edit it, and add a css class to it and then assign padding/margin to that particular class within your stylesheet.


    You can simply add padding/margin to the img tag within your stylesheet. This will then add that padding & margin to all images.

    It just depends what you’re trying to achieve.


    Yes, thanks to you both, and playing with the css and pages for a bit, I have achieved what I needed. Thanks.



    another question for you guys. I have done what was mentioned before, but wanting to expand on it a bit.

    Is there a way on how to have two different sections on a ‘page’ inside wordpress? Say I click add page, call it home or whatever, I have the sidebar on the right with the widgets automatically added by php.

    As in can I use a 2 divs, and separate them on a page within wordpress or to do that do I have to make a special php template page?

    This is still related to my first question above, but I want links and text now, now just image links like I asked about first.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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