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  • i’ve been a silent reader for a while here, please let me say that this is a great support community!

    Now comes my question: is there a plugin or something that makes ALL comments on whichever post (many people are allowed to post) be emailed to blog admin? I browsed these forums and googled as well but didn’t see a solution. Can anyone help?

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  • go to your dashboard > options > Discussion

    check the box that says
    E-mail me whenever: Anyone posts a comment

    you’ll be good to go

    phuckd, I have that option on, but it only emails me when someone leaves a comment on MY (=admin’s) post. When people comment on posts of other authors I don’t get it. Is it really how this option is supposed to behave or I’m faced with a bug?

    ah i see – then im not entirely sure how you would achieve that – sorry.

    can anyone suggest a solution?

    I need this too. Really, really need this.

    It has been asked on this forum before, but I haven’t seen anyone post a solution. 🙁

    I didn’t try it… but it seems Kaf offered a solution here:

    moshu, thank you very much! could you please give direction on how to use that piece of code, I’m a very beginner at wordpress and even more with php 🙂 sorry for bothering with this type of questions



    Is this really not solved yet? I also would like an e-mail whenever someone comments anything, also stuff I didn’t write. No plugins who can do that?

    I absolutely agree. It’s not even possible to put more than one email address in a contributor’s profile, which would be a fairly rough workaround for this issue. The number of multi-user blogs with one chief editor is pretty large now, and growing.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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