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    I am WP newbie running a wordpress site with buddypress installed and using default (buddypress) theme.

    As my site members contribute blog posts, I would like to make the posts sections under the page ‘blogs’ on my site to have a different theme / template than rest of the site in BP default theme

    Is it possible to achieve this? Basically for the blogs page (with exrecpt of posts by members) and all individual posts, I would like to have a minimal theme like Medium. Just the user’s profile pic and their post.

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    using default (buddypress) theme.
    @envieme WP/BP versions? Are you referring to BuddyPress theme compatibility with WordPress themes or the BP Default theme? What’s the name of the theme activated in your dashboard menu > Appearahce > Themes? There are different approaches to reach your goal, so if you can provide more info about your theme, the better.

    hello @mercime thanks for replying.

    i am using buddypress default theme for the entire site. it has pages like activity, forums, blogs, groups

    the blogs pages is my posts page in wordpress and all blog posts appear in that page.

    i want to change the look of this section of the site only.

    that is /blogs page as well as any blog post (wordpress content of type=post) should not have the default buddypress theme with its headers footer sidebar et all. I want it to look different and minimal with just the blog post author’s photo from buddypress and his post.



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    @envieme WP/BP versions? What’s the name of the theme activated in your dashboard menu > Appearahce > Themes? I have to ask again because installations since 1.7/1.8 do not get the BP Default Theme served in the Appearance > Themes panel. –> posted also in BuddyPress forums.

    Hi Buddypress version is Version 1.8.1 and WordPress is 3.9.1 and yes buddypress default does show in themes which is active. I also have other themes like twenty fourteen, thirteen and twelve which are not active.



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    Easiest way to do this is to first create a child theme of the BuddyPress Default theme.

    In the new child theme folder, aside from the style.css file, create a header-specialpost.php file and afooter-specialpost.php file with the respective header and footer content that you want.

    Then copy over the single.php file from the BP Default theme over to your child theme, and change the following:

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <?php get_header( 'specialpost' ); ?>


    <?php get_footer(); ?>
    <?php get_footer( 'specialpost' ); ?>

    Copy over other files where you want to make changes to the header/footer into your child theme folder as well and make the changes.

    Off-topic, when you have the chance to do so, do upgrade your BuddyPress to current 2.0.1 version. There are major performance improvements as well as new features added since BP 1.8.1. Of course, back up database and server files first, just in case.

    Thanks very much @mercime

    I will do this and get back with results. And as for updating buddypress I made the mistake of modifying files inside it and didn;t keep track. Now am afraid to do the upgrade lest everything breaks 🙁

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