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  • Hi Everyone.

    I have built a system to manage Inventory for a business using PHP and MySQL. But there are issues in it.. a lot of issues.

    Not being an expert programmer with tons of experience is not helping either 🙁 Every second day we are getting a warning, failure message that we have never heard of before. So we want ts shift it to WordPress because as they say WordPress can handle any type of website/application and because of the built in features and excellent community you are never fighting your own code…

    So to the point now…

    We have following operations to handle

    1. This business, purchases material from local vendors manually. They prepare a list of things they need in what quantity and take the print out of it and goes to the supplier. This is basically the order part… along with supplier management (contact info, what products they supply etc).

    2. Once they receive the order, they send it to there warehouse, process it and send it to there various locations (with different prices). This part is the main inventory handling and stock movement part.

    3. Now each store location has its own local stock levels as well.
    At these store locations the recording of sales is all done manually. At the end of the day, a person at each store location calls the person siting in the warehouse giving the details of the sale for the day and data is fed to the system. This is the sales part…

    We need to handle this all and provide with a two level system for the person sitting at warehouse so that at one level he can put in all the related info, get all the tables he wants and keep track of all the things and at the second level, the higher authority level, he can edit it all and see the summary of sales.

    Any plugin, that you say I can use, all suggestions, advice and help is gratefully called for…


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