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    Hi Love the plugin, but each time I use a ‘ it stopped printing out the text, i.e. when I use It’s or don’t or wouldn’t after the ‘ there is no text anymore.

    Can I escape “,” or “‘” them? and how? I’m searching for a solution but don’t find one. I use the ; delimeter.

    Hope somebody can help me out, thanks a lot!!

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    Yes, you should properly escape , with quotes. Instead use a csv editor like MS Excel or Open office Spreadsheet to format the csv and save.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi, thnx for your respons, but how do I properly escape a comma or ‘


    Plugin Author smackcoders


    You can refer

    Here is the Basic rules and examples


    Any field may be quoted (that is, enclosed within double-quote characters). Some fields must be quoted, as specified in following rules.


    Fields with embedded commas must be quoted.

    1997,Ford,E350,”Super, luxurious truck”

    Each of the embedded double-quote characters must be represented by a pair of double-quote characters.

    1997,Ford,E350,”Super, “”luxurious”” truck”

    Fields with embedded line breaks must be quoted (however, many CSV implementations simply do not support this).

    1997,Ford,E350,”Go get one now
    they are going fast”

    In some CSV implementations, leading and trailing spaces and tabs are trimmed. This practice is controversial, and does not accord with RFC 4180, which states “Spaces are considered part of a field and should not be ignored.”.

    1997, Ford, E350
    not same as

    However, the RFC didn’t say what to do when white spaces appear outside the quoted value.

    1997, “Ford” ,E350

    In CSV implementations that do trim leading or trailing spaces, fields with such spaces as meaningful data must be quoted.

    1997,Ford,E350,” Super luxurious truck “

    The first record may be a “header”, which contains column names in each of the fields (there is no reliable way to tell whether a file does this or not; however, it is uncommon to use characters other than letters, digits, and underscores in such column names).


    You can also google for more detailed help

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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