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  • Hi folks,
    In January I started migrating from Joomla to WP.
    I eventually managed to migrate all the articles over and maintain the unique IDs of them.

    I was getting help at the time via this post. But I dropped the ball because I ran out of time during my holiday. I am working on it again, and need to now figure out the 301 redirects. I am starting a new post to focus in on that part of my question/challenge.

    Here’s the back ground info

    • Joomla was installed in
    • WordPress has been installed in
    • All Joomla articles were migrated to WordPress installation, and post IDs were maintained.
    • Joomla URI permalink structure for articles is:
    • **e.g.**

      The ### is the unique ID of the article on Joomla (aka post ID).

    • The posts in WordPress have the same unique ID. Thus can be redirected to
    • There are a few other URI structures I’ll need to handle. But I will address that once I have the redirection of the articles figured out.

    Here’s what I am trying to figure out. So far to no avail.

    1. Is it going to work best if I move the WP install to /site/ (after renaming the joomla install directory to something else).
    2. I wish to know hot to set up the .htaccess file(s) so that all incoming links to joomla articles have the unique ID extracted and then redirect to /?p=UID (as a 301 redirect)?
    3. How do I do this in such a way that the site will always use or display as the home directory (with and without the www), whilst keeping the site located in /wordpress (or in /site, if that works better for the redirects – which I suspect it will).
      I don’t, however, want the site to ever load up and show a /wordpress/post-name-etc/ type URI (or /site/post-name-etc/ URI). Meaning I want the /wordpress/ or /site/ part to always be removed from the end user point of view (including search engines).

      I believe the .htaccess file is also used for this.

    4. Along with many other sites and posts, I have read the info at Giving WordPress It’s Own Directory on the WordPress Codex.
    5. Point #4 on that article says, “Copy (NOT MOVE!) the index.php and .htaccess files from the WordPress directory into the root directory of your site (Blog address).”, but I have a .htaccess file in the root already, and it has lots of code in it.

      I have tried following those instructions, but I end up with just the theme loading up, and no content.

      As mentioned above, I suspect it may be best if I move the wordpress site to (and change it’s configuration file home directory settings accordingly). But I am not sure.

      So far I’ve tried a few things, but I am not sure it’s worth detailing it all here and now.

      I’d really like to get this resolved.

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    Hacking away over the last couple of days, I’ve manage to make progress, as follows:

    • Moved the Joomla installation to /oldsite/ (updated it’s configuration and htaccess base accordingly). Joomla running fine from there.
    • Renamed the WP installation folder to /site/ (previously /wordpress/). Changed the htaccess rewrite base accordingly, and changed the General Settings with the new site location. WP is working fine
    • Have implimented numerous RewriteRules to handle the main incoming links that are looking for Joomla content. Working fine. More to do though.
    • Installed Redirection and 404 Redirected to monitor 404s and automated some of the 301 loose ends until I get to them. Working fine.

    My last step is to hide the /site/ folder and have everything load as though it is coming from

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