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  • I want to use this theme but problem is that it has some unwanted links in the footer.

    The footer is NOT encrypted but still, it cannot be changed.
    I tried the method that is used to hack encrypted footer code but it did not help.
    As soon as you change anything in the footer code, the theme stops working.

    How to remove all unwanted links form this theme and still have it working?
    I suppose there are many other hidden links in other parts of the code too, not just in the footer.
    This is going to damage my SEO positioning.

    I also want to remove that small banner that appears in the upper left corner of the front page posts – the one that shows how many comments the post has.

    [please start only one topic per problem – i am moving this into the ‘hacks’ forum]

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  • Yeah, I’ve seen themes like that. They call a bunch of different functions, test variables and constants, etc. to cross check stuff. It may even check file size or parse some of its own files to verify theme integrity.

    Just don’t use the theme. The legality of hacking it might be debatable but the ethics aren’t.

    Well, okay, I will not use this theme.
    Is there a similar theme that I can use without the need of hacking it?
    I mean, I need something that arranges the posts in a table with two or more rows and does not just place them as one long continuous vertical row.

    Seriously, other than the ethical issue, trying to ‘fix’ one of these can be a huge pain, and frankly, I wouldn’t trust a theme that contains that kind of complicated, self-preservation code. You don’t know what else it might be hiding.

    Yes, I have seen those themes. I don’t know of one off the top of my head though. Maybe someone else does.

    Maybe I need a plugin that can do this kind of arrangement for me?

    It isn’t really the kind of thing best fitted to a plugin– in my opinion, at least. I’d look for a theme if it were me.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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