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  • Hello, of course I have the regular /feed/ for my whole blog, and I also have the /podcast/feed/ that just contains posts from my Category:Podcast. Naturally, this RSS feed includes mp3 enclosures (that’s what a podcast is, yay).

    Listeners can go into their ITunes, and Subscribe to my podcast feed. ITunes will automatically show them all the mp3 episodes which are in my feed, at that time.

    The problem is, my feeds contain 5 or 10 posts (however many I set in WordPress options). I want my Podcast feed to contain ALL of the posts in my Podcast category. Right now I have 17 posts (episodes, podcasts), eventually I hope to have 100. I would like the listeners using ITunes to see the choice of all 17+ episodes, not be limited to 5 or 10.

    Therefore I want to make my RSS feed for the Podcast category contain an unlimited number of posts, while all my other category feeds remain limted by the value set in WordPress Options.

    Is this possible? How can I create a different parameter for the feed in just 1 category?

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  • I get the same trouble. My issue is to make a feed just for the podcasts. For this I use i little program called Listgarden ->

    Thanks for the reply. I checked that out. I would prefer to just do this within WordPress, especially since I know WP is one of the most popular podcast blog solutions! There should be a way.

    At worst I might just set my feeds to 100 posts, but would rather have per-category granularity to control this setting… Anyone know?

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