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  • I do a lot of tutorials using WordPress. The main characteristic thing is that every tutorial has a lot of screenshots. Not just whole screen shots, but fragments of screen important for explained part of tutorial. In my work i do mostly website parts screenshots.

    I usually do it like this:
    – press PRINT SCREEN
    – open Irfan View
    – paste whole screen capture
    – crop part i need
    – save it do disc of my computer
    – click “add image” in wordpress
    – choose the image from disc
    – voila, one image is added to post

    And when i write 1 tutorial post i do it like 20-30 times…
    So my problem is that it takes like “A LOT” of time.

    And search some plugins to help me with this work. I use Firefox, but have also Chrome and Opera. I’ve found “Light Shot” plugin for Firefox. It’ basically gives you option to select part of webpage and save it to it’s website or clipboard. But unfortunately you can not embedd the image from their server in wordpress.

    So i pasted clipboard images to blog post. But when i do this images are embedded as inline images. It worked for short tutorials. But when i saved tutorial with 5 images WordPress cut it in half and saved only half of my post.

    And even if i would fix it somehow i dont want to have inline images, because it would kill my server performance and you can’t share the image in other posts.

    So i thought i ask you guys if you know any solution to make screengrabbing to WordPress easier. Maybe there is ready solution I didn’t know before.

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  • cmd + shift + 4 mac
    snippingTool windows

    I’ve looked at Snipping Tool in my Windows 7. What it basically does is select part of screen to be grabbed and annotated. Than you can copy it to clipboard or save to disc.
    Well… it’s much the same i do with Irfan View. So it does not help me a lot in terms of less time consumption.

    Sorry i don’t think this another way to do that but maybe with windows live writer and the protocol atom activate in your wordpress look this page

    Thanks. I have bad experiences with editors of WordPress other than the main one so i pass on this one. Don’t like to experiment on my live blog.

    I see… I don’t believe that firefox or chrome has the rights for do the screenshot in your computer sorry and good look with your search

    Well… i don’t ask for this. All i need basically to do are websites screenshots. Light Shot, extension for Firefox, i’ve mentioned before can do it. But it copies image to clipboard only. I would need something to save this image to my FTP or to WordPress gallery and than place it in the blog post.

    I’m using the DropBox Screen Grabber – if I need to crop, I view the saved file in Irfanview and save. It’s for Windows, but there’s another free utility for Macs, called GrabBox.

    DropBox Screen Grabber info:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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