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  • If you are looking for a plugin solution, this one is still working like a charm for me.

    It directs users back to the page they logged in from.

    I’ll give it a try. Right now, if a user logs in he is presented with the DASHBOARD. I want a visitor to go directly to the Site View after a login. They are confused with a dashboard presentation.
    Thank You !


    Glad to help! If it suits your needs, don’t forget to mark the thread “resolved”.


    Well…trying it but not sure this is what I was looking for.
    I need a user to go directly to the “VIEW SITE” instead of the DASHBOARD.


    Do you want to go to a “View site” prompt? Or directly back to the site after login? I was not satisfied with my users being presented with the dashboard after they logged in. This plugin takes them directly back to the page they were on when they selected the login link. Perhaps writing a custom re-direct would be a better solution this case. Either way, I hope you find what works well for your members.


    I want the user to go directly to the VIEW SITE after login.
    Currently, a new login is directed to the DASHBOARD which is confusing for some older users of the blog.

    now, after Logout, it would be nice for them to return to the main page of the website but the most important is that they be directed to the VIEW SITE page immediately after login and not that dashboard.
    Many Thanks !
    Perdido Beach, AL

    Nothing so far has worked. I must be doing something wrong.
    All I want is to have the user go DIRECTLY to the VIEW SITE screen after logging in. Currently they are taken directly to the DASHBOARD after logging in.

    so when users click login, you want them to enter their details and then be directed straight back to the homepage?

    Not sure what you mean by:

    I want the user to go directly to the VIEW SITE after login.

    “View Site” is just a link on the dashboard that takes you to your home page o your site.

    …. This has got to be SIMPLE….What am I missing here…
    NO NO>.. On the WP BLOG…after a user has logged in , he is taken to the DASHBOARD by default. this is NOT where I want a visitor to go after login. The visitor needs to go DIRECTLY to the “VIEW SITE”, that is the MAIN PAGE of the BLOG and Not the DASHBOARD. I guess my reference to “View Site” is confusing… View Site is on almost all of DASHBOARDS by default. All I am wanting to do is take my elderly visitors directly to the MAIN PAGE of the BLOG by default. Taking visitors to a DASHBOARD is confusing. MOST visitors simply want to see the BLOGs and be able to comment or write a new one.

    Many Thanks
    Perdido Beach, AL

    yes, your reference to view site was confusing… because that’s not what you wanted.

    if you want the main page, say the main page.

    the plugin you were given does something extremely similar to what you want. Is it not working for you?

    have you tried to google for other plugins?

    try this one

    Actually, it is what I wanted…If you go to a Default presentation without any plugins..or actually with plugins and go to the DASHBOARD, you will see (above all the menu selections) the word VIEW SITE.
    View Site, is there by default, not placed by me. The creators of WP recognize that term as a link to go to the MAIN PAGE of the BLOG… that is all I wanted to do… Seems simple but still evades me….
    All I want the visitor to do is go to the MAIN BLOG PAGE (View Site) after login and NOT to be taken to a DASHBOARD full of confusing terms.
    Thanks for your reply and any assistance would really be appreciated.


    no, it’s not what you wanted… you don’t want the “VIEW SITE” you want what comes when you CLICK “view site” —>> end result = FRONT PAGE.

    when you’re hungry do you say “I want flour and water and pieces of pig”

    no… you say “I want a ham sandwich”

    PS: I just gave you assistance up there^^^^ do you want to argue with me, or try that plugin I linked for you?

    Thanks for clearing up what I wanted.
    I did , in fact, want the result of clicking on the “View Site” which is the Main Blog Page or as you so eloquently put it, the “Front Page”.
    I have engaged the plugin you so kindly referred me to, however, I have yet to find the “Options” tab, subheading “Login Redirect” that is referenced in the plugin readme… Your idea is perfect and would surely work if only I could find the reference made by the author.
    ..AND, I do apprecite the assistance.
    Perdido Beach, AL

    look under settings, instead of options, the plugin was designed for a previous version of wordpress.

    you could maybe look around for a minute…

    …Not giving up…
    Login Redirection Plugin installed…
    Required Role Manager plugin to be able to see Redirection.
    Roll Manager Plugin installed…ok
    Redirection set active for all users.
    Redirection after login set to /blog/index.php
    nope…still goes to that damn DASHBOARD
    Redirection set to
    Redirection set to
    WOW..what an enormous effort to take a user form LOGIN directly to the FRONT PAGE of the Blog…
    Still looking, hoping and testing…

    Thanks for any and ALL assistance.

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