How to go back to WordPress.com Stats after deactivating Jetpack? (1 post)

  1. amo20
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've recently installed Jetpack. While I think the features are very interesting, it is a little more than I need.

    I am now trying to return to using just the WordPress.com stats plugin. However, when I deactivate Jetpack, and attempt to reactivate WordPress.com Stats, I am told that there is a fatal error, and that the newest version is in Jetpack.

    When I delete Jetpack completely, and attempt to run WordPress.com Stats, I am either told that I am not authorized, or that my API Key needs attention (however there is no entry area given for me to insert my API Key).

    It seems I am locked into either not using WordPress.com Stats, or returning to Jetpack. Or is there a way to enter my API Key and resurrect WordPress.com Stats?

    Thanks much for any help.

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