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    First, thanks for this great plugin that helps me a lot! Very good work!

    I’ve a multi step form. On the last step, all user data is being presented to provide an overview for the user. He has to confirm that everything is OK.

    Is there any possibility to provide a kind of “back” button to go back to previous steps just in case the user feels he must alter an information?

    If I use the “back” button of the browser the form starts over freshly at the beginning.

    Thanks in advance, any hint will be appreciated,


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  • Plugin Author webheadllc


    Good question… Currently there is no way to go back and update the previous form. I’m not quite sure what the best way to do this is. If you have any suggestions I’m open to them.

    Well, I found at least a solution to get me halfway there:

    (1) I installed the dynamic text plugin ( It is able to populate a form with values handed over by URL, like

    (2) I modified my form on the entry site (where users fill out the form):

    Your name:
    [dynamictext your-name “CF7_GET key=’name'”]

    Your e-mail:
    [dynamictext your-email “CF7_GET key=’email'”]

    (3) I modified the form which is displayed on the “check your entries before sending” page. The display of the entries as such remain as before…

    Your name:
    [form your-name]

    Your email:
    [form your-email]

    …but I added a “back/correction” link:

    <a href=”/contact/?name=
    [form your-name]&email=[form your-email]”>Back

    This link adds the previously added values to the back link. The “back” link is basically no real back link, but only a newly opened page with the form, but already populated with the previously entered user’s values.

    (4) BUT there are some downfalls:

    – The dynamic text plugin only works for hidden fields and text fields, NOT for text areas, dropdowns… That is, for the classic contact form the possibility of going back to the message (normally entered and displayed in a text box rather than in a text filed) will be really missing.

    –> A possible workaround for at least the text field problem could be to have the content of the text field handed over in a proxy/auxiliary hidden value, with this value re-assigned to the target text box. I think this could be done with a short code that redefines or swaps the variables. (I’m not so much into PHP coding, so maybe anybody else knows what and how to do.)

    – The URL will get quite long, the more complex the form gets.

    –> A possible workaround could be switching POST/GET, but again I’m not very knowledgeable with this.

    To cut a long story short: By using the dynamic text plugin, “going back” is possible, but only for text fields. For text areas etc. some more work and workarounds are needed.




    [dynamictext your-name “CF7_GET key=’name'”] (sic!) will not work – it seems that “name” is somehow a reserved variable, whatever.

    It works with an altered expression like

    [dynamictext your-name “CF7_GET key=’the-name'”]

    [dynamictext your-name “CF7_GET key=’the-name'”] (rptd.)



    Hi, when i go to first step to second step it send’s email every can i send email when form finally submitted.please help me.

    Plugin Author webheadllc


    mr. moose. sorry this is so late, but version 1.1 now has the ability to go back a step. It uses javascript to read previously submitted form data and fill in the fields.

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