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  • Someone told me if i just replace the files of 2.6 with 2.5.1, the system won’t work…

    2.6 is not working for me, press this doesnt work, feeds aren’t working either, so, i wanna get rid of this version (feeds not working is my biggest concern)

    so, how can i go back?


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  • I would like to go back as well. Any advise???

    Should have taken backups then shouldnt you!



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    Unless you have backups of your content and database, then there is no automatic / easy way of downgrading.

    Probably “easiest” would be to export all your content in 2.6 and then import it into 2.5.1, in a new db.

    Really you should ask about how to fix your issues in 2.6….




    careful careful hotkee, any truths spoken that are spoken in a kind of “matter of fact” way may come across as rude, and not in the desired touchy feely way that people want around here want.

    You have to include lots of smilies, and end your response with “xoxoxox’ and some hugz so nobody gets their lil’ feelings hurt.

    Sometimes they have to face facts – its getting painful trying to tell people the obvious.




    you dont say? 😛

    ok Hotkee – smartass – I did backup. DUH!

    If you can’t offer something constructive, don’t bother.

    MRMIST – I did post a question about the problem but to no avail. Hence my adding my dissatisfaction to this posters comments. I think the lesson learned here is twofold:

    1. Don’t upgrade until all the kinks in the new WP versions are worked out and
    2. Don’t bother asking for help cuz 9 times out of 10 you don’t get it.

    thanks anyway.

    Did you do the permalinks database update like sugested in the upgrade how to?

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    thank you Mad for some constructive feedback. I did, but based on your question, I am researching permalinks now to see if perhaps something with Fantastico messed it up.

    It’s always a good idea to deactivate your plugins and then activate them one by one to see if any plugins are causing problems.

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    Thanks Mad. I will try that next. Permalinks seems to be as it should. Its weird. Everything else with the upgrade went perfectly.

    mrmist: I did ask a lot of times how to fix my problems, the only “official” answer i’ve got about the Press this function was a lame:

    The image part of the new press this functionality may not work on all setups.

    That was the closest to an answer, from Otto42, I did ask what was the “right setup”, and he didnt answered anything, i’ve open at least four or five threads about that and the issue with the rss…

    And i’ve got no answer, from anyone.

    So, I did go back, the easiest way was to export the xml, and import it to a brand new database with a 2.5.1 installation.

    In the other hand, to answer “Hotkee”. Sometimes what is obvious to you, is not obvious to another people, and as Page99 said, “if you can’t offer something constructive, don’t bother”. What’s the whole point of this forums, if the helping is not coming from anyone because it’s something obvious??? If people are asking something is because they don’t know, and if you, and all you programmers and advanced users can’t have the modesty to teach, then, what are you doing in feedback forums??

    Im just saying… and here are my XOXO just in case… lol


    @megharah: I agree with @mrmist that it would be better to find out how you can make your 2.6 install work. Having said that, I understand the stress you went through to make 2.6 work especially in a live site – boy, do I ever. Glad you were able to go back to 2.5.1 on your own, chalk it up to a learning experience 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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