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  • I’ve completely customized my WP site so that outwardly there is no telling what cms system is running it, but I would like to show appreciation to the developers of WP and the various plugins I am using without putting up red flags for would be hackers.

    I’m curious how others of you have shown your “thanks” for this free platform and the plugins you are using. Have you made donations to the developers if you opt to remove all evidence of “link love” from your installs? Or do you not give security much thought and just list what you’re using somewher on the site?

    It’s not a moral crisis or anything, just looking for opinions.

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  • whooami



    I have an about page; I mention wordpress on it, complete with a link back.

    and I donate daily. here.

    Thanks for the reply – do you ever give security a second thought because of the advertisement of WP on your site? Or is it just a link without any allusions to you actually having used WP to build it?

    Also remember admin95, most of these hacks are carried out automatically by bots/scripts rather than someone sitting there viewing source code of random websites. That said security through obscurity is not a bad thing. Every little bit helps. It’s just something else to think about.

    For the record, I too have WordPress plastered over all my site. There are many great tutorials all over the web (and in the Codex) on how to lock down your install.

    Good point about most attacks being automated. I’ll do a quick search for “hardening wordpress”.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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