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  • Here’s what you can do when OceanWP refuses to give you a legitimate refund: Ask your credit card company to do a chargeback. This works in the United States. I don’t know if it works in other countries.

    Here is what OceanWP did to me: I purchased OceanWP’s lifetime agency bundle during the company’s Thanksgiving sale. But instead of charging me the sale price as they should have, they charged me the full price. When I contacted them (at least twice) with the request that they honor their Thanksgiving sale and issue me a partial refund, they did not respond. Since I was still within the first 14 days of my purchase (which OceanWP says is covered by a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee), I demanded a full refund. But again, OceanWP did not respond (all I got from them were automated messages that told me to expect a reply within 48 hours).

    Since OceanWP refused to honor their money-back guarantee, I asked my credit card company to do it for them and return the money to my card (this is called a chargeback). Importantly, I was ready to provide them with documentation that I had done everything I could to resolve the dispute and that I was in the right. It took the credit card company less than five minutes to return the money to my account and tell me that they would contact the merchant.

    And guess what happened two hours later? I finally got an email from OceanWP saying they had just given me a refund.

    Yeah, right.

    This is atrocious customer service.

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  • I just had some issues with them and money as well. My Credit Card is pretty good solving those issues. But lets also file a BBB complain and spread this on social media to help other customers in the future.

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