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  • It’s not possible — the background image is a certain size (950 x 899) so when the content is longer than 899px, it goes beyond the background image. Generally, that problem is solved by “repeating” the image — but in this case, that’s not possible either because it would mean a second (duplicate) image would start right under the trucks…even worse). It might technically be possible to do what you want with two background images and very fancy CSS coding, but it would be tedious, time consuming and require a very skilled CSS (and php) coder…

    There might be another way to incorporate the trucks into the page with a decent end result, but would require rethinking the page layout, etc. Again, not a simple undertaking.

    Oh, one other option would be to have fixed height pages — of 899px — so the background fits right — but that certainly would create other problems for your content size, etc.

    hmm. thanks for taking a look…. I had kind of a “eureka” moment in the middle of the night. Will try tomorrow and see if what I thought of works.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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