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  • I am using the wp portfolio plugin to list all my portfolios.But stuck with the problem.I want to show a read more link below every portfolio which will redirect the user to the portfolio detail page.But can’t find any solution.I somehow manage to show the read more link by adding custom information but how will I link that hyper reference to the portfolio detail.:-(

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  • You need to investigate:

    %WEBSITE_CUSTOM_FIELD% (read the plugin documentation) and Custom Field (in Adding/Editing Website)

    This will allow you to add extra content, such as a read more link that you’re referring to.

    Dan[ Signature moderated. ]

    Thanks Dan.I have pointed it out.But now I am having the problem that their is no detail page of the single portfolio.Is there any option is this plugin to have a separate detail page of the single portfolio as i stated in my earlier post.And the second problem,is there an option to implement lightbox on images in wp portfolio.


    1) I struggle to understand what you mean, so please could you explain with more detail? Before, I had to guess with my answer.

    2) Lightbox support – I’ve been asked this before but it’s very tricky to add. Free STW accounts don’t have access to large thumbnails, which means the lightbox feature would be somewhat lacking. I am considering adding support for lightbox, but as a paid feature.


    Thanks for the quick response Dan.I only want to ask is there any detail page of the added portfolio.Let suppose i have added a portfolio.It displays on front end perfectly.But what should i do so that when i click on to the portfolio Title,suppose,”Project 1″, it should redirect me to ‘Project 1’ detail page with the detail description of the project i have added.Like the functionality of the plugin ‘Portfolio’ have.

    Yes, You can do it, but you’d need to do this:

    1) Create a new detail page (Project 1 Detail)

    2) Edit the template for each website to use %WEBSITE_CUSTOM_FIELD% and add something like Read More

    3) For each website, add the URL for the detail page to the ‘Custom Field’ field (


    Alright.Got it.
    That sounds Perfect.
    Thanks,will tell you in case of further problem.And yes,waiting for the lightbox functionality in wp portfolio.But not as a paid feature ;-).

    Abdul Mannan.

    Hi Abdul

    With WP Portfolio, I have to support lots of people via forums, etc. So the core functionality of WP Portfolio would be free, but I need to pay the bills! So any Add-On would be very reasonably priced. 🙂


    That’s fine.
    Thanks anyways Dan.
    Abdul Mannan

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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