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  • hey everyone … could any tell me how to add the grid style or thumbnail style view when u put a post….. the site has the same grid style post view …..pls can any one tell me how does that site post their posts in that grid style manner… their a plugin or something that it uses or some other thing …. thanks for reading …waiting for reply!

    btw the grid view of the post that i am talking about-

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  • I think you’re looking for themes rather than plugins. Different themes provide different styles and layouts for content.

    What theme are you using now? Have you tried browsing the theme repository? If you filter your results, you can limit yourself to looking at only three- or four-column themes.

    If you post your own site url, we may be clearer on what you’re looking for and able to come up with suggestions for you.

    Hey , thanks for the reply ..the site which i mentioned ( is using twenty ten theme (v1.3)…..btw for my site i am using twenty eleven theme(not mentioned cause i haven’t really posted anything on my site )…..i just wanted to know how to display ur post in that grid type manner like that site does …is it possible in twenty eleven(theme),i haven’t really started posted any posts to my site …was working with the banner and so ..was just curious to know how to do that….. hope u help me out!!
    The site 300mblinks ‘s theme i found using theme detector -

    Geez, these ppl were not much help – you can already tell it’s a TwentyTen or Eleven theme just by looking at the header.

    Check the Source code, there is a plugin there, and others that can do the same thing (google).

    I also have a question about this site. How is it possible to make a downloaddd.php page that carries over the actual link from the post like this site does (to increase monetization for paid advertisers)…

    I’ve been looking for a plugin that would do this, but seems he found a snippet of javascript/php code somewhere to make this, can someone please check the source code and point me in the correct direction on what PHP code needs to be added to that line of Javascript to create the downloaddd.php page PLEASE?



    please start your own topic for your question;

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