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  • This is a great plugin btw … great work. Hope more features are added soon. Here’s one I was wondering that how do I add conditional for a particular category ..

    $conditions[] = array(
    		'name'		=>	__( 'Nation', 'if-menu' ),
    		'condition'	=>	'is_category(166)'

    I tried using above category for category id 166 .. but it gave an error. I could see ‘Nation’ listed in the drop down on the menu page as conditional but when activated it didn’t work. I’m sure I’m missing some code. Could you please help??

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  • Plugin Author Andrei Igna



    Thanks for using the plugin.

    The is_category function with params can’t be passed as a string, this should work.

    $conditions[] = array(
    	'name'		=>	__( 'Nation', 'if-menu' ),
    	'condition'	=>	'is_custom_category'
    function is_custom_category() {
    	return is_category(166);

    Hi Andrei
    this is a great plugin,
    well done! like the poster above, I hope there will be new features added

    I hope it will be possible to control sub navigation/second menu based on the category/slug
    at the moment, only menu items have “conditions”

    it would be great if the second menu had conditional logic also,

    I understand from your reply above it should be possible, but which file do I edit to try it out? sorry newbie here 😉

    This is exactly what I needed. Thanks Andrel!

    Help…I need to create a simple new condition…to turn the menu off if a certain page is displayed… sort of like this #menu1 {display: none;}

    I’m inexperienced so please be clear…I know how to find the page number.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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