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  • My site currently uses the default feature that comes with WordPress for site search. I’ve enhanced it a little by adding my own content. Now, Is there a way to know what the submitted queries are on my site? I thought maybe it would be helpful to know what my readers are searching for. I’d appreciate any feedback.

    My blog is at

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  • Install BAStats

    If you have Awstats for your domain, this Awstats plugin could be pretty nifty if the search phrase statistics are the only thing you’re interested in, that is; BAStats tracks everything, and it’s very handy (or at least addictive) but takes up a lot of space (maybe a little clean up every now and then is wise). I’m not sure if the plugin picks up the local searches, though…. BAStats does show locals as well as others (at least Google)

    There’s also the CG-Referrer in the CG-PowerPack…

    Does the AWStats plugin keep track of searches done *within* the site? I know awstats tracks search engine stuff, but I’ve never seen where it tracks searches that happen within my domain.

    Great for the BAStats! It works beautifully. I’m able to view everything including Local Search…to sea what my fellow readers are searching for. Great plugin!

    Yep, CG-Referrer will decode query strings from a few dozen sources. Offhand, I can’t recall WHAT it does when you query internally (if it doesn’t show those, I could fix that fairly easily!).


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