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  • Hi all!
    I’m currently working on a self-hosted WordPress site and I’m learning that it can be very hard to build a selfhosted site that is identical to the free site.

    My free site at has two key feature that I can’t duplicate.

    I would love to find the exact widgets for ‘Like’ and ‘Share’.

    On the free wordpress the Like button will display the users Gravatar icon in addition to counting ‘likes’.
    The ‘Like’ widgets I have tried all look different and offer features that I don’t want. Such as ‘unlike’ as well as ‘like’ and don’t show gravatars.
    Is the exact ‘Like’ widge available? What is it called?

    I would also like the same ‘Share This’ features as the free site. Is it available and what is it called?

    This is my self-host work in progress


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  • If they exist, they are part of JetPack.

    But some features on .COM sites do not exist on self-hosted sites because .COM sites are part of a network – and self-hosted sites are not. I believe those features are ones that fall into that category.

    Hi WPyogi!

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I do have JetPack installed but I do not fully understand all the features of JetPack.

    Are you saying if I am able to use the exact same Widgets as then I should see the same Like and Share widgets from my Widgets panel in wp-admin on my self-hosted site?

    I see… would you be able to recommend a good ‘Like’ and a good ‘Share’ widget?

    I have tried many but so far I don’t like any as much as the .com site.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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