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  • Hi,

    I posted the other day about this problem, but still haven’t been able to figure it out. I have a link that appears at the top of my homepage– ‘Happy Wheels Webeden’–that I can’t seem to get rid of. I have no idea how it got there. I deactivated each of my plugins, one by one, to see if one of them was the culprit. No luck. I’ve searched in some of php files for the link also. Any other ideas on how to get rid of this link?

    My page:

    Thank you.

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  • Check your header.php file.

    It looks like the theme author has placed that there for advertising purposes.

    If you let us know what theme you are using, I can better assist.

    My best guess is header.php or functions.php

    It’s the twenty eleven theme. I’ll check the header and functions.php again.

    It’s the twenty eleven theme? There should be no link at the top of the page, unless you have set it there.

    As you know, twenty eleven doesn’t come default with that.

    Also, what plugins do you have installed?

    Yes, it appeared a few months ago.

    It’s definitely in the header (so, I assume header.php), and it’s before the </head> tag ends so it is almost surely there accidentally 😉

    When you find it, you should remove the whole line, starting and ending with the <p> and </p> tags.

    If it’s not in the header.php or functions.php, I’d say your site was hacked.

    That shouldn’t just appear on the WordPress default theme

    Still can’t find it in header.php. . .

    remove – G translate and all of its options from the WP database.

    That is the offender. I stumbled across a thread somewhere with this issue, and it was that plugin that was causing them problems.

    Look at ‘anotherfinemess’ post about half way down the page – direct quote here

    Ok guys it was a plugin afterall that caused these spam links. It’s the G Translate plugin from benjilof . Delete it and you’ll be fine. It activated the spam links in all my wordpress sites. Please confirm this. Thanks

    Good to know, Evan.

    I deleted G Translate, but the link is still there!

    When you say ‘remove all its options from the WP database’, what does that mean exactly?

    Well, when a plugin is installed it must register settings inside of the database, so it knows where to store the information. Most plugin authors do not code in an uninstall, which removes these options from the database. So even tho you have ‘removed’ the plugin from the list of installed plugins, the options/settings may still be inside of the database.

    I’m no pro at digging through the database, so hopefully someone else can guide you through that.

    I believe essentially what you would need to do is – log in to phpMyAdmin, select the database wordpress is installed too, select the options table (again, I *think*), and find and select the settings for that plugin and ‘Drop’ them from the database.

    Maybe wait for another to chime in for support, so you don’t crash your site permanently (which could very well happen messing around in the database).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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