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  • Here is my website:

    If you open up Google Chrome, on the tab it says:

    |How To Focus Better

    How can I get rid of the “|” before “How” so that this symbol doesn’t show up?

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  • It happens in other browsers too.

    When I look at the source code in Firefox it shows

    <title>| How To Focus Better</title>

    It looks as though you may have put that symbol in your site title by mistake when you were setting up the site.

    Go to Admin -> Settings -> General and have a look what it says for the site title there

    Are you using an SEO plugin?

    Hi, I went to Admin, Settings, General and my site title just says: How To Focus Better (without the |)

    Currently, I am using two SEO Plugins:

    1. Platinum SEO
    2. SEO Pressor

    Will this affect it? Is it possible to still get rid of it?




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    Have you tried switching to the Twenty Ten theme to rule out any theme-specific problems.

    I’m currently using a paid theme called Linen Pro. I was thinking, maybe I could go into the source code and delete the “|” somewhere? As lockettpots suggested, it could be a symbol in my site title. The question is where can I go to do this?

    the | character does not seem to be coming from the code in header.php –
    double check the settings aand options of your seo plugins.

    what happens if you deactivate both seo plugins?

    Thank you Alchymthy, you’re right. I removed one of the SEO plugins and the symbol disappeared. The SEO plugin I deactivated was called, “Platinum SEO Pack.” Do you know if there is anyway I can still use both without interference?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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